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House Cleaning: The Need for Speed

As much as it is important to keep every part of your home clean, you may be on a tight schedule at work, and only have a couple of minutes to spare. The only option you have in this case is to speed clean. In this article from Geaux Maid Service, we will be offering […]

Professional Maid: They Can Help Busy Moms

Thanks to Maids in Blue Calgary for these thoughts on hiring a professional maid! In our fast-paced world, it is getting hard to see married women with children who cannot be described as busy moms. Juggling between your professional activities and the necessary chores at home can be a daunting task, hence the need to […]

Cleaning Service: What are the health benefits?

A Cleaning Service Provides Surprising Health Benefits Your home is where your family and loved ones live. The mental and psychological well-being of your loved ones including kids, siblings, pets and other relatives, is of paramount importance. Leaving dirt, clutter, mold, dust, and mess, all over your home, makes guests feel unwelcome and on edge. […]

Maids: Can They Make You Happier?

A new study summarized by the NY Times suggests that hiring a maid can actually make you happier. As much as cleaning your home and its surrounding is very important, you may not be in a position to clean every nook and cranny of your home every time. The best way to get it done is […]

The Best DIY House Cleaning Solutions

House cleaning is important for the health and well-being of your family. But it’s not easy to keep your home clean at all times, especially if you have professional and personal commitments that leave you with very little time to spare. Homes with little children can become messy and dirty very quickly. Outside of hiring […]

10 Easy Ways to Clean Your House!

Cleaning your house is probably about the last thing you want to do on your weekend, which is usually the only opportunity where you actually get the time to do it.  Working all week and coming home late, only to snatch a few hours trying to relax before you sleep and do it all over […]

How Decluttering Your Home Can Make You Happier

De-cluttering your home can seem like a very uninspiring and daunting task. So why should you clean up? It turns out that a cluttered living environment can have a negative impact on our physical and mental health according to multiple studies. The excess clutter could be literally polluting your body and mind, yet most people […]

Speed Cleaning Made Easy

House cleaning can be painful, can’t it? It’s a dirty, messy, back-breaking job that can sometimes take FOREVER. Thankfully, these speed cleaning tips change all of that. Hopefully, we’re going to help you change that today. There are obviously cleaning tasks that need more time to do right, but there are plenty of things that […]

9 Things People With Spotless Houses Do Everyday

Keeping a spotless home is quite the chore! It takes time. Effort. And sometimes ingenuity! (hah) Let’s be honest, just keeping the chaos down between cleanings can be a really difficult. Everyone is so much busier these days that even basic house cleaning can be a major daily chore. To help everyone out, Maid Savvy […]